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The quintessential Ayurvedic women's wellness botanical. Revitalizing shatavari supports a comfortable menstrual cycle, healthy fertility and breast milk production, and a smooth menopausal transition. 

In India, shatavari is often referred to as “she who has 100 spouses” because this botanical is so nourishing to the female reproductive system. A renowned rejuvenative tonic, shatavari has many benefits, including:

• Tonic for women’s health, hormones, menstrual cycle, and menopause
• Rejuvenates, revitalizes, boosts energy & vitality
• Promotes hormonal balance
• Promotes a comfortable menstrual cycle
• Supports a smooth menopausal transition
• Promotes healthy breast milk production in nursing mothers
• Recyclable bottle

Organic shatavari (root). Tablets are uncoated for optimal purity.

Take 1-2 tablets twice daily, with water after meals. Alternatively, you can grind the tablet(s) and take with honey, yogurt, or maple syrup, if needed.


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Shatavari (root) is a rejuvenating reproductive tonic for women—but it can be taken by men, too. This potent botanical nourishes all of the tissues of the body and promotes a healthy quality and quantity of reproductive fluid. It also supports healthy digestion and promotes ojas, or life essence. A cooling botanical, shatavari helps to balance Pitta dosha.

Our shatavari formula contains the highest-quality pure shatavari root.

All Maharishi AyurVeda formulas are meticulously made according to the science of sanskar, Ayurvedic herb processing. Our experts take great care during collection, pre-processing, preservation, and evaluation of the herbs according to the classical Ayurvedic texts. Our farmers harvest their herbal ingredients from the right regions (either directly from cultivators, the forests of Western Ghats, or the Himalayan region) at the right harvesting time to ensure maximum yield and the desired phytochemical constituent. We use traditional harvesting and processing techniques to enliven the inner strength and vitality of the plant for maximum effectiveness.

Non-GMO. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

This herbal blend is manufactured in Kerala, India. The manufacturing facility is situated on ancestral land, overseen by a traditional household of vaidyas who have passed down the knowledge of Ayurveda for hundreds of years. The facilities include a modern laboratory, and a research center, merging ancient traditions with modern sustainability and manufacturing practices.

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