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Stress Free® Mind

$32.00 Was: $40.00 500mg - 60 Tablets

Feeling taxed by daily mental stress and fatigue? This potent blend helps you stay calm under pressure. Worry fades as you feel more composed and simultaneously alert.

Support your body’s natural resistance to daily mental stress and fatigue. This synergistic formula with ashwagandha, bacopa, and gotu kola supports the mind and immune system.

• Improves resilience to mental pressure
• Improves mental energy by supporting Prana Vata
• Promotes learning, retention and long-term memory (dhi, dhriti, and smriti)
• Promotes peace, stability, and calm under pressure

Ashwagandha (root), Bacopa (whole plant), Dwarf morning glory (whole plant), Gotu kola (whole plant), Indian tinospora (stem), Jatamansi (rhizome), Bacopa (whole plant) extract, Dwarf morning glory (whole plant) extract, Indian tinospora (stem's starch), Greater galangal (rhizome), Licorice (root), Pearl.
Other ingredients: Gum acacia, Nutrapure (Organic maltodextrin, Organic sunflower lecithin, Organic palm oil, Organic guar gum), Rice extract.

Take 1-2 tablets twice a day with water, after meals.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a known medical condition, consult your physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Store in a cool and dry place, lid tightly closed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Gotu kola supports optimal brain functioning and mind-body communication.

Ashwagandha—the all-star Ayurvedic adaptogen—helps your body adapt to stress naturally while calming the mind, supporting deeper sleep, and imparting vitality.

Bacopa boosts the brain and nervous system’s resistance to stress, supports concentration and memory, and promotes a calm mind and relaxation.

Indian tinospora nourishes the mind, helps regulate a healthy body temperature, enhances immunity, and strengthens the connection and communication between cells.

This potent blend of whole herbal extracts, powders, and minerals nourishes and supports the immune system, which is often taxed by everyday mental stress. Bacopa, dwarf morning glory, gotu kola and Indian tinospora work to support learning, retention and long-term memory. Pearl, greater galangal, licorice, jatamansi and ashwagandha aid overall mental energy, and the synergy of all herbs and minerals in the formula supports mental resistance to stress.

At Maharishi AyurVeda, our process of designing herbal formulas is not simply just combining herbs together. We lean into the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, which gives our formulas maximum potency while truly bringing balance to the doshas. Whether the formula has two, 20, or as many as 70 herbs, each ingredient is added to create a synergistic effect. And this synergistic effect is that the total result, potency, is much greater than the sum of all of the parts.



Guest S.

I tried the Stress Free Mind and I found it to be very helpful. I’m definitely more at ease and it helps with getting a good nights rest. With my mind more at ease it wasn’t generating as many of the thoughts that kept my mind turning & me up at night. Like most things you do for self-care, consistently is key! DH


Nicole M.

My son has anxiety and with this product he has seemed to be to grasp control of his condition and move through it.



When I decided to use Ayurveda to assist me in rebalancing my emotions, I was already in crisis and needed help fast. After reading several articles on the site and evaluating the different formulations, I decided to include Stress Free Mind in the group of supplements I was going to try from Maharishi Ayurveda. Within one week of following the protocols for emotional health and taking these herbs, including Stress Free Mind, I started to enjoy such vitality and clarity I could hardly believe it. Like a thick, heavy fog had lifted and the skies were bright and clear. I highly recommend this formulation, and the accompanying Ayurvedic lifestyle, to assist you in finding your own path to healing.

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Maharishi Ayurveda Stress Free Mind

Stress Free® Mind

$32.00  | 500mg - 60 Tablets

Stress Free® Mind

$32.00  | 500mg - 60 Tablets
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