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Ask the Ayurvedic Expert: Food and Beverages Amrit/Stimulants

Question: Does coffee or caffeine inhibit the effectiveness of Amrit? What about grapefruit? How much of a time lapse should there be between them? I would also like to know if mixing raw honey with yogurt alters the mucus-forming qualities of the yogurt. What should the ratio of the mixture be? S.M., Mississippi

Answer: The Amrit formulas are rasayanas, which means they are for overall health and longevity. For optimum results, ayurvedic texts offer some guidelines.

One is to avoid taking rasayanas with stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, red chilis or other hot spices. Wait at least an hour. Stimulants disturb the absorption and assimilation of rasayanas. For maximum results, the physiology should be more calm and settled. Grapefruit is not a stimulant, so you can take it with the Amrit.

Regarding your second question, raw, uncooked honey is better than sugar. But stirring in a bit of dry ginger would be more effective to reduce the Kapha qualities. 

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