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Give Yourself an Ayurvedic Scrubdown this Spring

When impurities within your body start to liquefy in spring, toxins flooding the microchannels of the body can leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and toxic. 

Spring is the best time to cleanse the channels of the body, because all nature supports it according to The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians.

If you don't purify your body, toxins can interrupt its biochemical balance, creating a fertile ground for allergies, flu, and other infections, or disturb the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Also, if you want to derive benefit from an herbal formula, you must cleanse the body first. Just as when you dye cloth, you cannot expect a brilliant color if the cloth is dirty.

But what if you cannot afford to go to a rejuvenation spa for internal cleansing? The Council recommends a simple do-it-yourself at-home cleansing routine. Start the day with a stewed apple, and include more fiber-rich foods such as green vegetables and barley, quinoa and rye in your daily diet. Soaked prunes, raisins and figs also aid detoxification.

To promote regularity, you can supplement with the gentle Herbal Cleanse formula. If you're Pitta-predominant, try Elim-Tox-O to detoxify the whole body; for other body types, Elim-Tox is best. Ayurveda recommends a cleansing routine with every change of seasons.

Drink plenty of water. Boil one quart of water with ½ teaspoon whole cumin and ½ teaspoon whole coriander. Strain and sip through the day. Cumin will help burn impurities, and coriander will cleanse deep tissues.

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