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Healthy Heart Spice Mix

Healthy Heart Spice Mix




  1. Mix the spices and store in an airtight jar. 
  2. When it is time to cook the meal, steam the vegetables. 
  3. Melt a small amount of ghee in the pan, and add ½ to 1 teaspoon of the spice mixture per serving. 
  4. Sauté the spices until the flavor is released. 
  5. Add the vegetables, sauté lightly, add salt and pepper to taste, and serve immediately. 

If you have occasional constipation, be sure to cleanse the bowels by eating fruits, vegetables and grains with fiber. Try eating a stewed apple or pear with prunes or figs each morning for breakfast. By cleansing the bowel, you maintain the digestive fire and enhance digestion and assimilation. This is an excellent breakfast for people with Sadhaka Pitta imbalance, and Prana and Vyana Vata imbalance. Sweet lassi (a drink made by blending ¼ cup yogurt and ¾ cup water along with honey) is also good for people with weak digestion.

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