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My Vedic Kitchen—Food for Holiday Ojas

My Vedic Kitchen—Food for Holiday Ojas


Pure rose flavoring adds more than grace and flavor — its sweet, astringent qualities are cooling to hot Pitta dosha, and help balance the emotions. And like the flowers themselves, roses in food express love and elegance.

Stewed fruit is a great recipe for early morning nourishment. It stimulates timely elimination, as well as digestion and metabolism for excellent quality and quantity of ojas — the body's master coordinator and chief indicator of immunity.

For your delight, we've written up some of our favorite recipes using our Organic Rose Petal Spread and sweet fruit.

Ojas is the vehicle through which consciousness enters the physiology. In other words, ojas is needed for life and awareness, and determines the quality of life. While raw apples or pears can sometimes aggravate Vata, stewed organic fruit prepared according to this recipe can actually balance Vata and Pitta, without aggravating Kapha.


Stewed Apples (Cooked Apples with Cloves)


Helpful Tips

The Vaidyas recommend that you sip a cup of warm water with your meal in the morning.

Good Eating Habits

  • Eat lunch as close to noon as possible. Lunch should be your heaviest meal of the day. Include two or three servings of vegetables, whole grains, lentils and fresh cheese.
  • Drink a glass of Sweet Rose Petal Lassi or Digestive Lassi flavored with cooling mint and cilantro.
  • Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. If you want a light breakfast, try Stewed Apples and Pears. If you need to go out in the sun when it's hot, don't do it on an empty stomach.
  • Eat a sweet juicy pear and a spoonful of Organic Rose Petal Spread to help reduce photosensitivity.

Digestive Herbs

  • If you have too many spicy foods or overeat this season, your digestion may need support. The Aci-Balance nutritional supplement can help put out the fire inside if you experience excess stomach acid.
  • The Liver Balance formula helps to maintain liver health and keep digestion and bile production balanced.
  • Premium Amla Berry is especially balancing for Pitta, and helps replenish vital nutrients that are depleted by excess heat, stress and overwork.


My Vedic Kitchen—Ayurvedic Rose Petal Spread Recipes


Try these recipes:




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