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Elements Truffles

The Elements Story

Once upon a time, Alak Vasa & Kushal M. Choksi were Wall Street traders. Things were going well, but they were lacking a sense of purpose. Alak quit her job and, over cups of steaming hot chocolate, she and Kushal determined to spread the word about Ayurveda through confections. Drawing upon their Ayurvedic roots, they got busy in the kitchen. When their chocolates sold out at a local market in Williamsburg, they knew they were onto something. Today, Elements Truffles remains rooted in authentic Indian heritage and a passion for fine chocolate.

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Committed To Giving Back

Each year, Elements Truffles donates 25% of their profits toward the holistic education of underserved children in India through Care for Children. Alak and Kushal believe that education isn’t a luxury—it’s a universal right that can empower families to rise above generational cycles of poverty and social inequity. Each time you choose Elements Truffles, you’re helping to ignite hope in a child’s mind, heart, and life.

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Elements Truffles

Sustainable, Fair Trade, Ethically Sourced

Elements Truffles uses the highest-quality, single-origin cacao. They work directly with the farmers in small- and mid-size, family-owned farms, and co-ops in Ecuador, forming lifelong bonds, partnerships, and friendships. Through avoiding “middlemen,” they’re able to offer their producers a stable price that is much higher than the commodity exchange. Moreover, every aspect of their packaging is biodegradable and recyclable—from their hand-stitched labels to their hand-pressed paper.

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