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The Yellow Beauty Story

Yellow Beauty is on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place. It all started when partners-in-life Jaz and Jamil decided to create natural skincare formulas. Jamil got the idea after attending a traditional Holud ceremony in his home country of Bangladesh, in which turmeric paste is applied to the face and hands of the bride and groom. Back home, he and Jaz created bright, yellow facial masks using his mom’s traditional recipe. Jaz had been struggling with redness and breakouts; the masks worked wonders. Soon, their friends were lining up for their skincare goods.

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A Golden Array of Natural Skincare

Yellow Beauty’s skincare line is kind to your skin—and the planet. From their Golden Hour Facial Wash and Glow Dust Face Mask to their Stay Gold Elixir oil, each formula uses the highest-quality ingredients. And of course, all of their offerings are infused with a powerful natural botanical that has been used in traditional Ayurveda for centuries.

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On a Mission to Help Girls Be Girls

Did you know that in Bangladesh, up to 71% of young girls are married before they turn 18? Yellow Beauty believes that young women deserve to have a choice. That’s why Jamil and Jaz always donate a share of their profits towards organizations that work to end child marriage.

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