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Tulsi Hibiscus Tea

Bazaar Diamond

Organic India Tulsi Hibiscus Tea

$5.99 18 ct

Experience the perfect harmony of Tulsi and Hibiscus in this calming and fragrant tea blend. The stress-relieving powers of Tulsi combine with the soothing effects of Hibiscus, creating a uniquely aromatic and delightful flavor experience. Boost your immune function and heart health with this caffeine-free tea, providing a revitalizing yet gentle uplift. For a stronger taste, you can extend the steeping time slightly. Flavor profile: Tangy with vibrant floral slightly cranberry like flavor.

  • • Calming
  • • Fragrant: Lightly floral with earthy Tulsi at the foundation make for a unique and aromatic flavor experience.
  • • Immune Support
  • • Heart Support
  • • Caffeine-Free

Organic tulsi (holy basil, East Indian basil), organic hibiscus (flower).

Start by boiling fresh water. Prepare around 8 oz (240 ml) of water for each serving.

Open the packaging and take out one tea bag of Organic India Tulsi Hibiscus Tea.

Put the tea bag into your cup or mug.

Once the water reaches a rolling boil, carefully pour it into the cup over the tea bag.

Allow the tea bag to steep in the hot water for about 5-7 minutes. This duration will enable the tea blend to infuse its flavors and beneficial qualities.

After steeping, gently remove the tea bag from the cup.

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Tulsi Hibiscus Tea

Tulsi Hibiscus Tea

$5.99  | 18 ct

Tulsi Hibiscus Tea

$5.99  | 18 ct