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The Farmtrue Story

Farmtrue founders Kim Welch and Lynn Goodwin crossed paths at the California College of Ayurveda where they were each on a personal quest for greater health and deeper meaning in life. Inspired by their life-changing Ayurvedic studies, they formed a partnership with a mission to connect their families, communities, and beyond to seasonal foods, self-care, and connection to nature.

Farmtrue was born beginning with versatile, powerful, and nourishing ghee as a vehicle for transformational change. It quickly expanded into a reputable resource for inspirational Ayurvedic living, whose nourishing specialty foods and self-care products adhere to the highest standards of sustainability.

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Partnerships With Family-Owned Farms

Farmtrue sources organic, grass-fed butter for their ghee products from over 30 certified humane family farms across the Northeast US. The farms also adhere to many regenerative agriculture practices such as crop rotation, recovery and grazing periods, and regular soil health testing to ensure nutrients, microbial activity, and more. Farmtrue only makes ghee from butter produced during the spring, summer, and fall seasons to ensure the cows were purely eating sweet grass which translates to healthier cows and more nutrient-dense, better tasting ghee!

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Products Made By People with Garden-Grown Ingredients

In North Stonington, Connecticut, Farmtrue operates an organic garden where they produce many herbs and botanicals for their hand-made goods. All their specialty foods, teas, spices, skincare, and lifestyle products are produced by people, not machines. Preservative and additive-free, Farmtrue’s pure ingredients are combined in micro-batches, hand-poured and hand-labeled to ensure the highest quality, safety, consistency, and care in every product.

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