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Rasasara Skinfood

Feed your complexion! Rasasara Skinfood is Ayurvedic skincare that’s 100% natural, edible, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and preservative-free. 
Rasasara Skinfood

Wildcrafted, dosha-specific skincare

Your skin is a mirror that reflects what’s going on in your body. Nourish your complexion with Rasasara Skinfood—a handmade, edible, wildcrafted line of Ayurvedic skincare. Rasasara was created when founder Sonia Lloyd determined to help others resolve their skin issues using natural, minimal formulations informed by knowledge of the doshas. In Sanskrit, rasasara means “the skin.” But it also means “the cream that rises to the top,” meaning both the best of the best and the supple, uppermost layer of the skin. Feed your skin nothing but the best.

Rasasara Skinfood
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Rasasara Skinfood

Premium Castor Oil